Christmas brings joy to your family and stands out as the most embellished festival for children. Kids get super excited and electrified When it comes to indulging in sweets and having fun, and the most exciting part for them is receiving a unique Christmas Gift.

But have you planned a unique gift for your little one???

No worries, we'll help you with this. Explore The Earthy Winter Sale by Earthy Tweens, which offers up to 40% discount on unique, sustainable gifts that bring happiness to your kids this Christmas, encourage their well-being and protect Good Health.

1. Newborn Baby Gift Box

Newborn Baby Gift Box

The newest addition to your family with the Earthy Tweens Multi-Piece Gift Set, specially designed for newborns. Crafted with care and love, this set features a delightful selection of essentials made from 100% natural cotton, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety for your little one.

2. Great Value Combos

Great Value Combo

The Great Value Combo is an excellent offer by Earthytweens, with some great deals at affordable prices. Here, we offer kids winter wear, festive wear, and sustainable toys. This deal can emphasize your decision of choosing the best Christmas Gift for your little one.

3. Wooden Bird Stacker

wooden bird stacker

This multicolored wooden bird stacker is a versatile toy that can be used differently and grow with your child as they develop and learn. It is a simple yet creative toy that can ignite creativity and imagination in children.

4. English Cursive Alphabets Tracing Board

English Cursive Alphabets Tracing Board

Explore our Earthytweens English Cursive Alphabet Tracing Board, a beautiful tool that helps children gracefully master cursive handwriting. Crafted with care and adorned with elegant design, this board is both visually captivating and safe for young learners.

5. Giraffe Alphabet & Number Puzzle

Giraffe Alphabets & Number Puzzle

These Earthy Tweens Beautiful blocks shaping up into a cute Giraffe have One side ABC Alphabet and other side Numbers 1-26 , giving play and learning advantage to little ones.

6. Learning Wooden Clock

Learning Wooden Clock

This wooden clock that comes with wooden number blocks along with small hour and minute needles, helps your child figure the numbers and shapes that go after each other and match the shapes to the right holes. 

7. Lacing Board

Lacing Board

Our eco-friendly wooden lacing board is a handmade toy designed to attract children with its vibrant colors and playful activity. It is focused on fine motor skills, intellectual steps, concentration, and hand-eye coordination; this lacing board provides a valuable learning experience for kids.

8. Neem wood & Beech Wood Rattles & Teethers

Neem wood & Beech Wood Rattles & Teethers

Beech wood rattles and Neem wood teethers are gaining popularity as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys and are perfect companions for babies in their growth and development. Neem and beech wood are natural materials, free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making it safe for babies to chew and play with.

9. Rainbow stacker

Rainbow stacker

These wooden Rainbow stackers challenge your child to play carefully and think Creatively They'll develop dexterity and fine motor skills as they experiment and build with the colorful stackers! Fine motor skills, spatial perception, Hand eye coordination and Imagination skills are enhanced.

10. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is fun for adults/children as a classic board game. It is one of the most popular games to embrace the family playtime. Keep children away from screen games and enjoy family nostalgic times!

How can you make your Christmas more eco-friendly?

Here are some specific ideas to make your Christmas eco-friendly without much additional effort. By making some adjustments to your usual Christmas celebrations, you can easily embrace a more sustainable and environmentally friendly holiday. Consider these tips for a greener festive season:

  1. Avoid purchasing crackers.
  2. Turn off Christmas lights when you're not at home.
  3. Aim to reuse your previous Christmas tree.
  4. Create sustainable greeting cards.
  5. Repurpose old decorative items.

These small changes contribute to a more eco-conscious and enjoyable holiday celebration. You can also opt for Buying Online Christmas gifts that enable sustainability. You can choose gifts for everyone to promote organic fashion and Eco-friendly options. 

EarthyTweens offers a wide range of eco-friendly, organic products essential for preserving the environment and good health. Here, we support the local artists and craftsmen to manufacture and package our products. Support eco-friendly practices to nurture the environment and create a clothing range for Children, Women and babies that enables organic fabrics made of 100% cotton. We offer Wooden toys that enable sustainability to serve your baby a healthy Playtime. You can take a look at our product range at The Earthy Winter Sale and enjoy an Exclusive discount of up to 40% on your purchase.

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