Your Exclusive Guide: Know Everything About Stunning Rainbow Stackers

Your Exclusive Guide: Know Everything About Stunning Rainbow Stackers

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If you have gathered some information about wooden toys for toddlers between 2 and 3 years old (or sometimes more), you have probably heard about open-ended toys!!

Well, the wooden Rainbow stackers are one of the Open-ended toys. Here, such toys' functioning is based on your baby's Motor-skills development. A stunning wooden rainbow stacker is reaching the heights of fame nowadays, or as we can call it, the viral wooden rainbow stackers. Hence, on Instagram or any other social media platforms, you see moms recommending Educational Baby Toys For 2-3 Year Old's. But it is necessary to know about educational toys before buying them.

In this Blog, you will get all the information about Rainbow Stackers for kids. Earthytweens commits to giving our readers comprehensive insights, as we are your exclusive guide to tell you everything about rainbow stackers.

What Are Rainbow Stackers?

A rainbow stacker is a type of toy that enables children to play while developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination simultaneously. As its name suggests, it is a 7 coloured wooden toy that comes in seven pieces. It has different-sized semi-circles that make a rainbow when assembled together. It helps children to learn about colors and shapes while playing and having fun. These types of toys are going viral on the internet and are becoming the first choice of children.

Crafted by local artisans, rainbow stackers are made of 100% organic resources (wood) and painted using natural dyes. It enhances the quality and durability of toys and encourages children's creativity, craftsmanship and imagination during their playtime. This educational, eco-friendly toy helps develop hand-eye coordination among children and supports a healthy, sustainable and durable play. 

What Are The Benefits of Wooden Rainbow Stackers?

If we try to comprehend the benefits of open-ended toys, the rainbow stackers are the most searched toy. A rainbow stacker comprises all the benefits you can ask from a durable, non-toxic wooden toy. Here are some special characteristics of the wooden rainbow stacker explained below:

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

These are made of natural materials, especially wood, that offer the appearance of healthy play for your little ones. The greatest benefit is that sustainable toys rank Rainbow Stackers as the best choice of parents for their children.

Durable Toy

Wooden toys consist of high durability characteristics. These toys last for years, which helps children enjoy playing with them for a longer duration than conventional plastic toys. These toys are non-breakable and do not get damaged easily by kids. 

Non-toxic & Child-safe Paints

The wooden rainbow stackers are painted with non-toxic and chemical-free paints that are safe for children. This quality of wooden toys often makes them the go-to choice of parents for their babies 2-3 years old. As the behavior of babies, they try to lick every toy that is given to them to play with. But if the toys have been painted with non-toxic paints, it reduces the harm to the babies.

No Battery or Electricity Required

With wooden toys, there is no need to use batteries or electricity to charge the device. Hence, a single Wooden rainbow stacker can let your child play with it for a long time. Also, wooden toys require less maintenance, which makes them preferred by parents.

Enhance Montessori Learning

Wooden rainbow stackers and other open-ended toys are the perfect examples of Montessori learning because they let children sharpen their memory and develop their motor skills. Toys that conduct a learning concept enable kids to develop critical thinking, enhance their memorizing capacity and strengthen their Hand-eye coordination.

Enable Screen-free Engagement

The frequently asked question of parents is if they can engage their kids in a game that keeps them away from mobile phones, internet and TV. So there is a solution for them, which provides an indoor game for developing motor skills.

Handcrafted by Local Artisans

There are various wooden toy manufacturing brands, like Earthytweens, that offer a wide range of wooden toys and other sustainable open-ended toys. There, the craftsmen are local artisans because Earthytweens supports #indiakaorganicfashion, which focuses on the Made in India initiative.

What Can You Do With A Rainbow Stacker?

You can do many activities with a rainbow stacker because it comes in seven different semi-circular pieces with seven colors of the rainbow. All the semi-rings are of different sizes, which ignites the creativity of children, and they find every piece utilized in different ways.

Right Age To Play With Rainbow Stackers?

There is no age restriction for children to play with rainbow stackers, but it is suitable for kids over 2 years old. Because it is a safe toy for children of any age above 2 years. The wooden rainbow stacker offers open-ended play based on the concept of Montessori learning, which encourages children's enthusiasm and creativity.

Where To Buy Wooden Toys In India?

Explore Earthytweens captivating wooden toy collection, designed to spark curiosity and foster early childhood development. Our 7-piece Rainbow Stacker entices with vibrant colors, enhancing fine motor skills and inspiring imaginative play. The adorable Bird Stacker promotes hand-eye coordination and balance, while the Geometric Sorter nurtures early math skills and color recognition.

At Earthytweens, we prioritize holistic development, educational play, and safety. Our wooden toys provide an interactive and durable learning experience, ensuring your little one's hours of joyous exploration and growth. Watch as they flourish with every play session, embracing the wonders of childhood with Earthytweens.


In conclusion, the wooden rainbow stacker is a beacon of eco-friendly, sustainable, and educational play for toddlers. With its numerous benefits, including durability, non-toxic paints, and Montessori-inspired learning, it fosters holistic development and screen-free engagement. As Earthyteens commitment to quality and safety shines through, parents can trust in providing their children with enriching experiences that promote creativity, imagination, and growth. Choose Earthytweens for a journey of discovery and joy in early childhood development.

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