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Neem Wood Rattle Toys for Babies Earthytweens Neem Wood Rattle Toys for Babies Earthytweens
Neem Wood Rattle Toys for Babies
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Neem Wood Teethers Toys For Babies Earthytweens Neem Wood Teethers Toys For Babies Earthytweens
Neem Wood Teethers Toys For Babies
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Multicolored Wooden Maracas Earthytweens Multicolored Wooden Maracas Earthytweens
Multicolored Wooden Maracas
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Teethers & Rattles

Teethers & Rattles

If your baby has started to put things in their mouth, you’ve probably been looking for a Teether or trying to learn what the best & healthy teething toys for them would be. 

At Earthytweens, we understand that every toy you give to a newborn has to be carefully vetted. But since the ones that go into their mouths need to be all the more safe, you may have a lot of questions about finding the perfect teether. Is it Safe ? Does it have antibacterial properties ?

1. Wooden Teethers are Durable - Teethers and teething toys made of wood do not break easily. They are durable and with the right care, can last a really long time. All you have to do is make sure it stays sanitary. To clean the teether, wipe it down with a mild soap every now and then and allow it to air dry. 

2. They are Eco-Friendly - Wooden baby Teethers are long-lasting so you do not need to keep replacing them. To add to that, they are made of beechwood, ivory, and neem, all of which are found in plenty and are fast-growing plants. This makes these Teethers a better choice for the environment too. 

3. Wooden Teething Toys have Antibacterial Properties - Most plants used in teething toys like Neem and beechwood have antibacterial properties which not only make them good for your child to bite into, they can also help soothe aching gums. 

4. Wooden Toys are Safe to Take in the Mouth - From harmful chemicals like BPA to toxic paints and dyes, plastic teethers may pose a number of risks for your child’s health. Wooden Teethers are a clear way to avoid any chemicals. Our Teethers at Clayoplay are also coated with natural beeswax, making them 100% child-safe !

5. Wooden Teethers are Hard to Chew - This may seem counterintuitive, after all, isn’t the point of a teether to be able to chew on it ? Not necessary ! Children often just need something to put in their mouth and bite. In fact, resting their gums against the hard surface of wood can take the pressure off your baby’s swollen gums. 

6. They Provide a Wonderful Sensory Experience - Clayoplay Wooden toys are smooth, textured, and wonderful for your baby to touch. Their natural feel, opposed to cold and hard plastic, will provide a delightful play experience ! If you are worried about splinters, keep in mind that wooden Teethers are made from hardwood so they will be sturdy and smooth. 

Benefits of Baby Rattles

From the moment they are born, babies have to learn everything. They learn how to cry, talk, crawl, and walk. By taking in the sights and sounds of the world around them they are able to develop physically and cognitively. The majority of your little one’s learning will come from play and exploration. Rattles are not just a source of entertainment for a baby to play with. Babies can learn several new skills from them.

More than entertaining and distracting your children, Earthytweens rattles help in their development, bringing several benefits for children between 3 and 24 months.

They Teach Cause and Effect

Lightly moving a rattle usually activates a sound, which provides immediate auditory feedback. By providing instant feedback, babies learn that their actions (moving the rattle) cause a reaction (sound). Because rattles are so easy to operate, they are the first toys that show babies they can manipulate their environment. Clayoplay rattles are made from neem wood and are light weight.

Beyond Sound & Colors

In addition to the noise, the rattle’s colors also catch the little ones’ attention, and they soon stretch their hands out to try to catch it. And this exercise is very important for the baby’s development, because with these small gestures, the child realizes that it is capable of moving an object that, when shaken, makes a noise. As simple as it may seem, it is with this activity that the baby’s hearing, sight, motor coordination and reasoning are improved. Clayoplay rattles come with great Neem Wood finish and eye stimulating colors for babies imagination and excitement with a pleasant calming effect !