Materials matter. They matter with regards to the lives of our children, or the manner in which it influences their day to day living. Yet, in particular, they matter for our earth.

All of our products are made considering the Earth. Also, however 98% of our products are earth-friendly, we're continuously seeking to develop with new materials and techniques.

Sustainable Fabrics

We source only the most comfortable, sustainable textiles locally that have one thing in common: they were made in an environmentally conscious way and don’t involve synthetic substances or unsustainable farming practices during their production processes.

By using only natural and organic fabrics like Double Gauge, Organic Terry, Organic Slub, Natural Fleece and Handloom Wool, etc, we are committed to creating clothes that are beneficial throughout every stage of production and beyond.

Harvested Wood

Our toys are made of natural materials that are obtained locally and are strictly plastic-free. We believe that kids should experience natural toys that are made of neem wood, bamboo and natural elements in an attempt to aid parents raise eco-conscious kids. Our toys are subjected to nature, so it often have various markings that appear in the products making each piece remarkable. The unique variations are proof of quality and and ought not be considered as imperfections.

Natural Dyes, Safe Paints

For our Clothing line, the fabrics are all dyed and printed locally and sustainably in India using non-toxic, low impact and azo-free dyes from natural sources. They are super soft, naturally hypoallergenic, and safe! It’s free from harsh treatments like formaldehydes and perfect for little ones with sensitive skin.

Likewise, For our toys line, our toys are made and coated with natural water-based colors (no lead or other toxics), beeswax and oils for polish by local artisans in India. All of the paints used to finish your lovingly crafted toy are harm-free and enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Young ones are stimulated by the splendid and monochromatic colors and wonderful uncoated wood surfaces.



Ethical and Transparent

We work only with manufacturers and suppliers that are conscious of their environmental impact and contribute to protecting our planet.

Earthy Tweens supports better working circumstances for individuals who create  our clothes and toys. Laid out with the aim of addressing poverty and providing equal employment opportunities and livelihood for not-so fortunate women. For the women in the villages of India, learning a craft can be a way to gain financial independence and break out of inequality. Our foundation has come together to bring hope to our workers.

The magnificence of handloom lies in the details. A machine can never fully create the unique feeling of a handwoven muffler or a blanket. India’s rich legacy of traditional, artisanal knowledge lives on.

For our new handcrafted collection, we collaborated with the women in the villages from different regions of India providing them the opportunity to learn a craft with three months of formal training and becoming professional artisans. Since the start, 10 women have come here and choose to stay creating beautiful kids products like hand-knitted crochet toys and handwoven mufflers and blankets for our brand.

Breaking Gender Stereotypes

We believe in letting go of the outdated cliche of pink vs blue, welcoming products that allow for self-expression and neutral concept of gender identities. Gender distribution is something we come across everyday that needs to change in order to provide an environment to our children that is free of gender stereotypes.

Practicing Mindful Packaging and Plantable tags

We care deeply about the environment through each step of the creation chain. This includes how we send the product to you. Economical items ought to come in feasible bundling.

Sustainable products should come in sustainable packaging.

We use as little material as possible in the packaging, while making sure that your order is kept safe at the same time. We choose packaging made with recycled contents or that is biodegradable. Your order comes wrapped in a honeycomb paper along with a sturdy, eco-friendly carton box or paperbag and sometimes in potlis made out of unwanted fabric scrap.

Our label tags are printed with non-toxic ink on seed paper. Rather than tossing it in the junk, you can plant it in the soil with your little one and watch your basil plant grow !

Locally Made, Made to Last

Our products are lovingly handcrafted by local artisans in India, so you get the best and quality product which is made to last and can be handed down, with the intent to reduce excess waste control, minus the eco-harmful shipping distances and a better control of production.


Our Story


Wish you could easily find better, more sustainable products for your kids?

Earthy Tweens is an Online destination to shop great range of kids Clothing, Toys & Daily accessories that are mindfully designed in a way to offer unique but simple & functional products for kids, made with sustainable materials and ethical supply chains in mind.

Earthy Tweens is all about a tale of True Joy, Unmatched Product Quality & Experience. It’s about our children’s joyful today and a Happier tomorrow. At Earthy Tweens we have your kid’s (and the planet's) best interests at heart. 

We believe that kindness counts and the world is One large community.

Do you struggle to find clothes your children will wear and are tired of the war of wills ?

For parents who are committed to dressing their children in Earth-friendly non-toxic materials, it can be a challenge to find organic, sustainable kids clothes that don’t cost a fortune.

At our clothing line, we curate the most super-soft, timeless yet practical basics that would make your kids look good and feel good. It includes a range of gender-neutral pieces for babies, boys and girls, ethically made with organic cotton & other natural fabrics grown sustainably, without the use of any harmful chemicals, pesticides or toxins. Our design process is comprehensive to ensure we bring the best to you & your little one and aims at making getting dressed fun and exciting. They are designed by our experienced team (Mostly moms) so as to offer superior comfort levels for kids and with a passionate belief that the fabric that touches your baby's skin matters because their skin is delicate, easily absorbing what you put on it

We believe that clothes look much cuter on children than in landfills and hence, Our collection is designed to last for not just seasons but generations of Tiny Earthlings !

Can Playing and Learning be fair ? Yes !

At our toys line, we aim at providing children with right set of educational toys made out of natural materials like wood, fabric, rubber, bamboo etc. that are free from gender-stereotypes, age-appropriate and open-ended which can garner interest and generate curiosity. Children connect much faster to their environment and surroundings with the experience of such natural materials, leading to heightened imagination and creativity. 

Our toys are handcrafted by Indian artisans and are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Its natural characteristics, and unique markings are therefore always to be considered not as defect but as a unique feature of a natural product. Coated in child-friendly paints and simple, minimalistic designs to boost cognitive development, hand-eye coordination & visual-spatial understanding – our highly durable and quality wooden toys aim at bringing kids closer to the environment and are a must for every Growing Child out there.


Our designs reflect cherished memories of younger days.

Right from concept and design, we pay careful consideration to every feature, investing in special treatments to create ultimate softness for our tiny explorers. We consider every detail to the minutiae, fusing fashion with performance, to create aspirational collections that your children will want to wear. 

Sustainability and early learning while having fun in growing children are our top priorities. By focusing on child safety and age milestones during design and production, our earth-friendly toys enhance age-appropriate skill development.

We care deeply about our environment and will endeavor to do all we can to limit our impact on the planet, from sourcing through to production.

 "Sustainability, Fairness and Honesty are our core and have always inspired every aspect of what we do at Earthy Tweens."

We believe in style, not trends, so we create products that last.

We believe in making the world a better place for our kids, your kids, and their kids !