Gift Your Kid Eco-Friendly toys this New Year from EarthyTweens.

Gift Your Kid Eco-Friendly toys this New Year from EarthyTweens.

It's hard to contain the excitement as the new year approaches soon. As always, we all bid farewell to the outgoing year and welcome the new year with a promise to lead a better life and make people around us happy. Kids come first in this order, and an excellent unique year gift will be enough to make their day and time joyful.

There is a long list of toys in the market for gifts such as toys, clothes, or other accessories. And surely you can buy them as you have been doing for a while now. But with a new year comes significant changes, which is when you can make a change by buying eco-friendly toys.

Environment and fun can go hand in hand. You bet!

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword and is more about taking space as a part of people's life. This is a genuine effort to save Earth and make it a place for the future generation where they don't fight to survive but rather strive and thrive. Using eco-friendly products is undoubtedly a great start toward a humble path. And it will be fruitful if the next generation is ready for it too.

Eco-friendly toys are a fantastic way to supplement fun with learning and make your kid environment conscious from a young age. These toys are unique, give immense pleasure, and are all more secure and safe. Since eco-friendly toys are made of materials such as wood and natural fibers, as opposed to traditional toys, often made of plastics and other harmful materials. They serve a dual purpose: safe fun and games for a healthy upbringing. 

For this very reason, Earthy Tweens have collated a long list of exciting eco-friendly toys that are exciting and entertaining but equally suitable for both kids and nature.

Eco-friendly toys for lasting joy

Earthy Tweens pay serious attention to aiding nature and more to kids' happiness. And thus, we offer products that serve our goals in the right combination.

  • Rainbow stacker:

The stacker is a wholesome toy. It's unique and colorful, as a rainbow should be, and most importantly, it complements the mental growth of a kid in the most fantastic way. The children can get as creative and as innovative to use their imagination to create beautiful designs. The rainbow stacker is one of the clever toys on our platform, which is safe and sound to use as it is eco-friendly.

  • Alphabet capital board:

Learning and fun can go hand in hand, and this toy is a testament to that. The alphabet board comprises a wooden board donned in vibrant colors with alphabets presented most excitingly. This toy can help kids learn the alphabet unconventionally through puzzles that will enable them to use their mental zeal to its best. The colors add much-needed life to the toy. Well, who knew learning could be so much fun!!!

  • Neem wood teethers and rattles:

One thing toddlers love though unintentionally, is putting anything and everything in their mouths. They merely want to eat anything that comes their way due to teething which is quite unsafe per se. Neem wood teethers and rattles offer a safe and fun solution to this problem. These products are made up of high-quality neem wood and are designed in ways offering a good grip so that the kids can play and put them in their mouths all day long and still be safe and sound. 

  • Jungle puzzle set:

Want your kids to be problem solvers when they grow up? Well, it starts right here. The jungle puzzle set is made for tiny hands to create their own story with fun characters. The set is made of quality wood and lasts significantly longer than the conventional puzzle sets. This toy can further take kids closer to nature and make them love it more.

These products are simply a birds-eye view of what's in the store. There are a lot of fascinating eco-friendly toys and products at Earthy Tweens for a bright and safe future for all. And it all starts right here!

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