Why smart parents choose earth friendly products for their kids ?

Why smart parents choose earth friendly products for their kids ?

No relationship is as noble and pure as a child and a parent. The kind of upbringing and values parents foster in their children make them better human beings. Care and safety of children are the top priorities of a parent, and they would always want them to be surrounded by such an environment. It enables a healthy transition for children and educates them with virtues they carry forward. 

Environment-friendly products for a better future 

The current market is bombarded with new products and trends. Everyone is rushing to make headlines with new features to attract the masses. The scenario is all the more similar for children's products too. These products use plastic and chemicals for manufacturing that are often toxic. Using such products is not only harmful to children but is equally lethal to the environment or earth, so to speak. 

As people become more aware of climate change and its repercussions on earth, they are moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle, including using eco-friendly products. Thus this gives all more reasons for parents to be wise and seek eco-friendly products for their children too. 

Earthy Tweens is a tale to tape when it comes to making a happening life for children with exciting and joyful products that are equally safe. We offer an extended range of products with uncompromised quality and diversity. And most significantly, they are eco-friendly. Clothes on Earthy Tweens don't just survive seasons; they survive eternity. Toys are made of natural materials such as wood, fabric, bamboo, et Al. giving a unique shape to childhood while savoring the best of nature.

Therefore, it is required that parents become vigilant and realize the eco-friendly clothes, toys, and many others for their children for a better future with great wisdom.

  • Nontoxic and chemical free

Children often have a habit of putting things in their mouths. It might only be possible for the parents to monitor them sometimes. Hence they can replace such products with natural products. A toy made of wood and carved smoothly is a far safer option in such scenarios.

  • Support the small artisans to make their dream come alive

Natural products such as clothes are often not made in huge factors but rather at a small place by local artisans. They use their indigenous craftsmanship to make eco-friendly products using raw materials accessible in nature. Since indigenous styles vary regionally, products such as toys would always find something unique and exclusive, which makes them stand apart from others. Thus, it is a great way to add quirkiness to your children's collection and help local artists live a big dream.

  • Eco-friendly products don't last seasons; they last for eternity.

The hardiness and resilience to wear and tear are one of the most desired aspects of these products. As they sustain for a more extended period, they can be reused and recycled multiple times, saving some expenditure and preventing these products from ending up in a pit. And therefore reduces waste generation. 

  • Reduces Carbon footprint 

The process of manufacturing products made out of plastic and other synthetic materials often releases toxic gases. In addition, their transportation and logistics also cost both monetarily and environmentally. This adds up to your carbon footprint. However, buying eco-friendly products can aid your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint by going green.

Earthy Tweens deeply care about the environment but also about the children. Thus at our online collection, you can find all the necessary children's products, from toys to clothes, daily accessories, and many more conscious brands aiming to conserve the planet without compromising your needs. Hence, be smart and choose the best for your children while caring for the world we all call home.

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