Growth of Sustainable Fashion In India: Last 3 Years Overview

Growth of Sustainable Fashion In India: Last 3 Years Overview

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India is emerging as a beacon of growth in every sector, from textiles to technology. India is catching the eyes of international investors due to lucrative growth in each industry. The fashion industry is marking huge success at the international level. Additionally, the sense of sustainable fashion in India is being recognised and appreciated by various critics in the Global Fashion Industry.

Here, we aim to provide you with an overview of India's achievements over the last three years in the field of Sustainable Fashion. We also want to state the contributions of Earthy Tweens to building the pillar of success in sustainable fashion and promoting the Make in India initiative.

The Milestones India Has Crossed In Sustainable Fashion

In India, organic cotton is the largest commercial crop, with 25% of the global production of cotton cultivated. This plays a major role in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion in India. Thus, due to the huge cultivation, production, and exportation of cotton, India terms its significance by calling it the "White Gold of India."

Here are the achievements collected in the last 3 years in the sustainable fashion industry of India.

Year 2021:

According to a report published by the Ministry of Textiles, India. The 3rd largest exporter of cotton, with an expected export of 45 Lakh bales, has been achieved by India in the FY 2021-22. This achievement is a testament to growth in the sustainability of fashion.

Year 2022:

This year saw a monumental increase in Jute cultivation to 90 Lakh bales for 2022. Considering the sustainable fashion in India, Jute production contributes to the sustainable production of fashionable goods like bags, belts and other accessories for men and women.

Year 2023:

This year marked a boom in recyclable and reusable clothing trends, which shows the transformative fashion trends in India. Promoting the brands to incorporate sustainable and durable fabrics, 2023 built a ground for Organic clothing brands.

Year 2024:

The year 2024 is dedicated to manifesting the brightest future of Sustainable fashion in India. According to a recent report shared by Global Fashion Agenda, the circular economy of Fashion in India could be worth $4.5 trillion by 2030. Post-pandemic, the value of sustainable goods has risen to the heights, while the areas most affected by such revolution can be seen in the healthcare and fashion industries.

India is stepping towards becoming a domain for sustainable development in all sectors, including fashion, healthcare, medicine, science and technology and many more. Especially considering the sustainability in the fashion industry, We, as Indians, have revolutionized sustainable fashion on its roots. Unfolding the history of Indian clothes manufacturing, the traces of sustainable fashion can be seen clearly. Hence, some manufacturing brands in India are emerging as torchbearers for spreading Sustainable fashion in India. Here, we have jotted down some major brands contributing to sustainable, eco-friendly, green manufacturing processes.

Earthy Tweens: Emerging Brand in Sustainable Fashion Domain

This emerging kid's clothing brand promotes sustainable, skin-friendly, and durable clothing. Encountering sustainable manufacturing practices, Earthy Tweens poses a brighter future in fashion sustainability. Beyond sustainable clothes for kids, Earthy Tweens crafts wooden toys, baby essentials, and women's apparel under the "Make in India" initiative using eco-friendly manufacturing procedures. Earthy Tweens sustains an online portfolio where customers interact directly with the products and enable purchasing. On the website of Earthy Tweens, one can find a vast range of products, including:

Wooden Toys

At Earthytweens, you can find various organic, sustainable, and helpful toys for your kids. From neem wood teethers to wooden stackers and puzzles, we aim to provide safe and health-oriented play time for your little ones.

Gender-Neutral Clothing

Earthytweens promotes durability and sustainability by offering gender-neutral clothing options for kids. These clothing items are designed to be versatile, comfortable, and suitable for children of all genders.

Kids Ethnic Wear

Earthytweens celebrates India's rich cultural heritage by offering a range of organic and sustainable ethnic wear for kids. From traditional outfits for children to contemporary interpretations of Indian attire, these garments are crafted with care and respect for traditional craftsmanship.

Girls/Boys Organic Clothes

Earthytweens provides a diverse selection of organic clothing for girls and boys, including everyday essentials like dresses, tops, shirts & bottoms. These garments are made from high-quality organic fabrics that are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.

Women Clothes

In addition to children's clothing, Earthytweens offers women a range of organic and sustainable clothing options. From comfortable co-ords to stylish tops and kaftan dresses, these garments are designed with a focus on quality, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

Contribution of Earthy Tweens to Sustainable Fashion

As mentioned above, Earthy Tweens is a brand that focuses on health and happiness within fashion and beyond. This organization was a dream of Mr Nishant Kumar, a visionary who manifested sustainability in every aspect of living, from manufacturing to delivering kids' clothes, toys, and baby essentials. Apart from kid's wear, Earthy Tweens offers a wide range of women's sustainable clothes. Keeping the edge of eco-friendliness highlighted, this organization deals in the D2C business.

Overall, Earthy Tweens contributes to sustainable fashion growth in India, prioritizing eco-friendly manufacturing practices and offering diverse organic and sustainable products for kids and women. With its focus on health, happiness, and sustainability, Earthy Tweens play a significant role in shaping the future of Green Fashion in India.

Awards & Recognition Clinched By Earthy Tweens

Earthy Tweens is a Startup organization founded by Mr Nishant Kumar. He is a consumer-centric strategist and sustainability enthusiast who focuses on growth and a healthy lifestyle for society. The team manages and operates Earthytween under Mr Nishant Kumar's expert advice.

Earthytweens has received numerous recognitions and clinched some prestigious awards in Sustainable Fashion. 

Bharat Startup Awards 2023

Earthy Tweens, an eco-friendly organic kids' clothing and toy startup, won the Organic Kids' Lifestyle Fashion Brand 2022-23 (North India) award at the Bharat Startup Awards 2023. For using eco-friendly materials to make children's wear and toys, with a vision to make sustainable fashion a conscious choice for buyers. Where founder and CEO Nishant Kumar expressed gratitude towards the jury and his team for contributing to the brand's success.

Listed In Eco-Friendly Fashion Brand On REL

Earthytweens has been listed as an eco-friendly fashion brand on the Reliance Ajio online platform. This recognition has positioned Earthytweens as an emerging sustainable fashion brand in India. This brand has contributed to building eco-friendly and healthy fashion trends in India by categorizing different organic products like clothes, toys, and essentials.

Hence, Earthytweens is a testament to the growing sustainable fashion in India. Possessing all the organic manufacturing practices, we are highlighting skin-friendly, breathable and durable clothing fabrics in trending fashion in India. We hope you have gathered the necessary information regarding sustainable fashion in India. If you're looking for organic kid's clothing, then go for Earthytweens and contribute to the domestic development of the organic fashion industry in India.


In India, the reports have shown the evident growth of sustainable fashion. In the past years, from 2021, there has been a substantial increase in the textile industry in India, as mentioned above. This increase is expected to become more in the years to come. A report based on market research shows that the sustainable fashion market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% from 2021 to 2026 in the Indian fashion market. With the contribution of brands that promote sustainable clothing, India sees immersive growth in the sustainable fashion industry.

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