Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

The significance of Earth in our lives is beyond any explanation. As far as science has discovered, it is the only planet consisting of life. This is not only a part of our solar system but also home to hundreds of thousands of species of animals, aquatics and even humans. The Earth is the third planet in the solar system from the sun, but the prior for all of us. This blog is mainly dedicated to honouring our planet Earth by raising awareness to preserve our planet and the scarce resources given by Mother Nature to us.

Earth Day is celebrated to raise awareness of the need to honour the planet and preserve our scarce resources. The theme for 2024 for Earth Day is "Planet vs Plastic", representing the fight against environmental changes caused by plastic. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. Around 190 countries participate in this common goal to encourage various organizations and individuals to contribute to spreading awareness to preserve our planet Earth. Here, in India, there are numerous volunteers and NGOs that support the prevention of environmental changes, climate change, Global warming, etc. 

When Is The Earth Day Celebrated?

This very first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, in Pennsylvania, USA, by the professors and students of Harvard University (Source: National Geography Education). This was aimed at raising awareness against the USA's Clean Air Act of 1970. 

What Is The Purpose Behind the Earth Day Celebration?

The main purpose behind celebrating Earth Day is to encourage people of all countries to contribute to combating Global warming, pollution, climate change, and overpopulation. This day marks the significance of Earth in our lives and its vital life resources.

What Is India Contributing To Earth Day 2024?

India has chosen the theme for Earth Day 2024 as "Planet vs Plastic." This is to focus on the severe effects on our planet caused by the consumption of plastic-made goods. To combat plastic pollution, India is showing its fight against plastic goods prohibition, which the UN supports.

Which Major Brands Are Showing Support For Earth Day In India?

In observance of Earth Day in India, numerous brands are stepping up to support the movement towards a plastic-free environment. From fashion brands to FMCGs, these supporters are doing their part to help raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. It's heartening to see such widespread participation in this important cause.

At Earthy Tweens, a kid's organic clothing brand in India, we also contribute against discerning synthetic and plastic-made goods. We provide health in terms of organic and sustainable clothes, toys, and essentials for children. Our small yet impactful step towards this societal goal is encouraging our customers to switch to sustainability for their daily needs.

How Earthy Tweens Is Contributing To Preserving Our Planet

At Earthy Tweens, our vision is to create a healthy and happy environment for everyone and spread sustainability to each customer of ours. Here is a short description of our endeavors to create a sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy environment for all of us.

Our Goal:

The Goal of Earthy Tweens is to spread Happiness by providing durable, sustainable and organic products to our customers. Our mission is to make a positive difference in the world, one eco-friendly purchase at a time.

Our Beliefs:

We strongly believe that Material matters!! Hence, here at Earthy Tweens, we use 100% organic cotton for kids' wear, and for toys, we prioritize neem wood teethers, wooden puzzles, and organic open-ended toys for children. 

In summary, we all should contribute to India's fight against plastic on Earth Day, April 22, 2024. The day raises awareness of preserving the environment and natural resources and encourages people to prevent global warming, climate change, and pollution. At Earthy Tweens, we support the Preserves the Environment initiative and promote #Indiakaorganicfashion on our social media platforms. We encourage our customers to use more natural and sustainable goods than synthetic and plastic ones.

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