Why Are Cotton Clothes Better For Kids in Summer?

Why Are Cotton Clothes Better For Kids in Summer?

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Ideally, summer is the perfect time for parents to spend some quality time with their kids as their schools allow them summer holidays because of the immense heat and hot winds. This season is best for relaxing at home or traveling to cooler regions and enjoying water activities with kids. But summer comes with more drawbacks than fun-filled elements, especially for children. In this season, the overheated and humid atmosphere causes dehydration, dizziness and excessive sweating, which often leads to body rashes, itching and prickly heat rashes on the skin.

To avoid these summer side effects, you should eat a lot of liquids containing vegetables and fruits to prevent dehydration and opt for skin-friendly clothes for kids. In this blog, we are going to explain why children should wear cotton clothes in summer. And, also how organic cotton clothes prevent skin diseases caused by sweat and hot winds

Benefits of Children Wearing Cotton Clothes in Summer

In summer, heat waves and dry winds affect children's health, causing dehydration, food poisoning, heat strokes, dizziness and over-sweat. To prevent these issues, parents should include more vegetables, fruits and juices in the diet of their kids. And for curing skin infections caused by over sweating, parents should opt for organic kids summer clothes. Cotton has numerous health benefits, especially for kids, such as skin-friendliness and breathability. Earthy Tweens, India's organic kids' clothing brand, offers a variety of cotton-wear clothing for children of different ages, including boys and girls. Because Earthy Tweens believes, "for every kid, health should be prior above anything".

This blog further explains why children should be wearing cotton clothes in summer, and these are the most convincing reasons to wear organic cotton clothes in summer:

Highly Breathable

Cotton is made from natural fibers extracted from plant-based fibers. This fabric is considered to be highly breathable as it allows air circulation. In the humid days of summer, kids are required to wear something that keeps their bodies cool in extreme sunlight. The cotton fabric soaks up sweat expelled from the body and provides extra comfort than other synthetic materials.

Durable Fabric

Cotton is among the most durable fabrics, and this material is used to make innumerable essentials in our everyday lives, like clothes, towels, newborn swaddles, and much more. It is impossible to stop kids from playing outdoors in extreme sunlight, but it is possible to let them wear durable, breathable, and skin-friendly clothes. Cotton-made clothes enable comfort even in humid weather, which makes them perfect for children.

Highly Absorbent Material

One key benefit of cotton-made clothing for children is that this material is highly absorbent compared to synthetic fabrics. In the heated and humid days of summer, cotton clothes prevent moisture blockage in the body. This quality also helps reduce the risk of prickly heat and rashes in children in summer.

Soft On Skin

Cotton-made clothes are softer and gentler on the skin than regular synthetic-based clothes. The softness and breathability are suitable for kids' sensitive and delicate skin. Cotton is a hypoallergenic material, which provides a lower risk of skin infection or body acne in children.

Comfort In Wearing

Cotton clothes in summer are the first choice for those who prioritize comfort over other aspects of clothing and fashion. Cotton summer wear is perfect for children, allowing them to enjoy their summer vacation with indoor or outdoor playcations.

Versatile In Style

At Earthy Tweens, kids cotton clothes for summer come in a wide range of styles for girls & boys. Cotton is the most venerable fabric which used to be worn in ancient times as well. But today's trending style features cotton-made clothes at the top due to their significance and contribution to health and skin-friendliness. Hence, the latest fashionistas also recommend wearing cotton clothes not just in summer but throughout the year. Clothes made of cotton come in different styles, vibrant colors and for everyone including children, men and women.

Skin Friendly

Cotton is known for its skin friendliness, and doctors recommend that newborn babies wrap in cotton swaddles to protect them from excessive heat and body acne. Cotton is also used for medicinal purposes like bandages, gauges and sanitary pads, etc as this material prevents skin disease, allergies and other skin infections.

Why Are Synthetic Clothes Not Suitable For Summer Season

There are a lot of reasons that are enough to convince you to choose cotton clothes over synthetic ones. This blog features the benefits of cotton clothes in summer especially for children along with adults. Additionally this blog will help you understand why synthetic clothes are not preferred in the summer season. Here are the reasons why?

  • Less Absorbent: Synthetic fabrics are usually less absorbent than cotton fabrics. Some synthetic fabrics, like polyester and nylon, have a limited absorption ability, which traps moisture in the body.
  • Low Breathability: Synthetic fabrics do not allow breathability in clothes, restricting airflow. This creates unease when wearing synthetic clothes during humid summer days.
  • Trap Heat: These fabrics tend to trap heat in your body, leaving discomfort and excessive sweat in summer. Unlike cotton clothes, synthetic clothes don't help reduce body temperature during summer.
  • Causes More Sweat: Due to their poor breathability, synthetic clothes cause more sweat to accumulate in the body, which often causes prickly heat and body rashes during summer days.


Hence, summarizing all the benefits of cotton clothes in summer, we hope this blog will help you decide, "Which clothes are better in summer?" The unique selling propositions of cotton-made clothes are mentioned above to fortify that cotton should be the first choice of parents for their children. There are numerous brands in India that promote cotton clothing for children to ensure high breathability, comfort, and skin-friendliness.

Earthy Tweens is an organic clothing brand, where we promote sustainable and eco friendly clothing. The brand is renowned for its contribution to the field of "Sustainable Fashion", and the founder of Earthy Tweens, Mr Nishant Kumar, emphasizes the need to establish an inclination towards sustainability in the Indian fashion Industry. Earthy Tweens does not just manufacture organic clothing but also offers a wide range of baby essentials that are cognizant of a healthy and happy life for all. If you are looking for a range of stylish cotton clothes for kids in summer, you can have a look at our latest summer collection for kids on our official website.


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